Recently we all have witnessed a shift in content posting trend, with the spamming of the usual article submission postings websites. With the Google Penguin update, Guest blogging is hot right now. It is being seen as a far more valuable SEO trick. We all over did the Article Submissions, which resulted in its spamming by Google, which was basically to stop the “gaming of SEO”. Guest Blogging is now far more valuable, and return assuring.

But What Is Guest Blogging?

An obvious question for the people who have joined SEO lately. What is guest blogging actually? Guest blogging is a way of increasing traffic on your website. A website owner writes an article on his niche, to get it published on other blogs (a third party blog property), which has a high Page Rank on Google. The website owner is allowed to insert a link of his/her own website into that blog article. While the blog owner gets a good article, without putting his own effort, the website owner gets a presence on his blog. And this gives credibility to both, the blog owner as well as the website owner. It is a way of increasing traffic to your website.

Your Guest Blog Won’t Get Accepted Just Like That.

Your guest post shall not get accepted just like that. You will have to go an extra mile, and come out of your comfort zone to get the post published. To get your guest post accepted, you will, have to:

  • Be prepared to adhere to other blog’s guidelines.
  • Use the tone that is suitable to that blog.
  • Provide appropriate images, if that blog requires it.
  • Provide the word count that the other blogger expects.
  • Lastly, you might have to abide by some special conditions like the link might get accepted in author bio, or just 1 link in the body, or your url might be put under a “no-follow” condition.

But even before you reach the point of submitting a guest post, how will you find which is the right blog to request your submission? Well, there are certain criteria’s which are to be taken care of:

Does the Blog Have a Good Page Rank?

A Page Rank of a blog counts. Google allots these page ranks, from 0 to 10. And more the PR of a blog, more shall be the value of that blog for your blog post. So you will have to find a blog with a good page rank, to start with. And a 3 page rank is a must for a blog to have, if you are considering it for your article publishing.

Remember, Originality Counts:

Not some, but each blog owner wants original content.  Blog owners will always expect you to submit a well written, informative article, with original content. So assuring that the article is not just informative and interestingly delivered, but also original, will be the requirement. Your article will get accepted only if you adhere to these standards.

Restrict to Your Niche

For guest blogging you will need to post your guest posts on a blog of your niche only. If you come from a food or restaurant industry, you will have to find blogs related to restaurants or cuisines. A travel post by you, on a travel blog only. Find a blog from the industry, and niche that is related to yours.

Website Linking Through the Guest Blog

There are two types of linking that you can opt for.

  • Contextual Links: If you want to obtain a good listing on Google for a certain keyword, you should think about giving contextual links to that keyword in your blog post. Which is likely to bring you up on Google listings for that keyword. But you will have to make sure, that the keyword you are using matches the services and information available on your website. Unmatched phrase/keyword linking to a website is likely to have a bad effect rather..
  • Brand Building: The recent focus of SEO is on the brand building of the website. Prefer using your own website name to give link, rather than depending on the keywords and phrases exclusively.

Build your links on 60% website name, 20% on contextual linking, and 20% on words related to your website them or on the words like “click here”, “Know more” etc. Comes to your Rescue:

BackLinkMETRO is the platform, where the website owners meet with the relevant blog owners, and they easily get their articles published with their own chosen blacklinks in it. Considering all the rules of guest blogging, it is not easy to find a suitable blog to get your guest post accepted and published. And here comes in this name- BackLinkMETRO, which helps the two worlds to meet.


If you are the website owner, looking for a suitable blog to place your article, just click on the “Advertisers” section and start reaching suitable blogs. Once you register with it, you can start posting your guest posts with backlinks, by choosing your category topics and Page Ranks. And the article gets published on the blog owner’s blog. An easy and convenient way of getting guest post published, in shortest possible time.


Its “Publishers” section gives a chance to the blog owners, to find people with good, relevant and informative articles from website owners, to publish on their blogs. But remember, to register as a publisher, you have to have at least 1 Page Rank on with WordPress Blog. Publishers get a 50% payout on accepting backlinks in the articles.

This dependable source to find right blogs for different industry websites, maintains the quality of guest postings, while saving hours of research and persuasion.

Backlinkmetro Takes Care Of You

  • Finding Bloggers with good PRs, to accept your guest post.
  • E-mailing the blog owners for your guest post
  • Also writing a unique guest post for posting
  • Taking care that the guest post gets accepted.
  • Using a software that places poor quality or even personalized websites/blogs
  • Finding cheap sources to build links that affect your rank.

Use this website to ensure that the guest blogging is easier, quick, efficient and effective. It will make your strategies more workable and smoothly attainable.

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    you have written very interesting article about Guest Blogging. actually I also get 5 article by guest author.

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