One of the main aspects of marketing your blog is writing concrete content. It is important to follow some significant ethics in order to get the attention of the search engines and consequently the readers. Here are seven of SEO ethics that a bloggers must remember while marketing their blog.

Interlink Your Pages In Order to Spread Out Your Links Equally

If one of your articles possesses 100 backlinks and the other one has 3, the latter will have to struggle hard to get rankings on Google. However, if you link the page with 100 backlinks to the page that is less popular, the page will share the page rank or link equity. It may be tedious to interlink all your blogs. WordPress has plugins that help in automated inter linking of blogs.

Simplify Your Blog

Information architecture or site architecture is a way you organise information on your blog in the form of categories, pages and further subpages. There are two modes to set up site architecture: Flat site architecture and deep site architecture. Deep site structure is usually observed to waste link equity as the search engines consider the high-level pages as more significant.

Add NoFollow Links to Sites Which Do not Require to Share Link Equity

There are popular and big sites that hardly get any boost in search engine performance if you link them to your blog. So, to link them on your blog, you can use nofollow links that prompt the search engines for not following them. For this you simply need to add rel=”nofollow” in the HTML code of that link.

Apply Noindex to Pages On Your Website That Do not Need Rankings

Most of the bloggers do not want “About Me” , “Contact Me” and “Terms and Conditions” pages to rank in search engines. Noindexing is an easy way to tell search engines for not including them. Modify your robots.txt file by adding Disallow: /example-directory/example-page.html, add  <meta name=”robots” content=”noindex”> to the page header

Remove an Old Article That Does Not Rank

If there are articles on your blog that do not rank and bare 1-2 years old, it is always better to delete them. This help in diluting the link equity on other valuable blog posts.

Include the Most Valuable Keyword in the Beginning of Your Post Title

Title tag is the most significant on-page element to optimise pages. So, adding a relevant and most important keyword in beginning of the title will help in gaining rankings. At the same time, linking other posts to this post using this keyword will also help.

Cut Off Reciprocal Links

Reciprocal links have zero value in regard to SEO as they return exactly the same amount of link equity as they receive. So, if you have any of them on your blog, delete them. Keep them only if it is for the sake of goodwill.

So, plan your blog to rank online with a strong site architecture and the above mentioned postulates in mind.

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One Response to Best SEO Ethics To Follow As a Blogger

  1. Alvin Brown says:

    I would also advise bloggers to focus on ensuring organization and structure throughout there blog. Sometimes a blog can be a hodgepodge or collection of unrelated topics. It’s best to keep tight structure when blogging to better help and engage search engines to rank you well for specific topics. Great article and thanks for sharing.

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